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Welcome to Saint Martins's archives

Due to the dedication and meticulous work of Ruth Iles we are in possession of a full and fascinating archive of Saint Martin’s, most of which is currently carefully locked away in a small room in Malvern Hall. However, it is our hope that very soon, the entire archive will become available for everyone to enjoy through this interactive site.

Thanks to the generosity of The Hurley/ Cox/ de Minckwitz families and Esther Broomhall, you can already access many of the school’s publications here, dating back from the day the school was opened in 1942 by Zelie Bull and Christine Tucker through to 2018.

At the moment this site is very much work in progress. We would be delighted if you would kindly help us ensure that all those documents, so lovingly preserved by Ruth, are eventually stored safely here for all to share forever. If you would like to play a part in this process, a gift however small will make a wonderful contribution. It only costs a pound a page to have material downloaded, If you have photographs, letters or documents you would like to share here, we’d be delighted to include them. To find our more, please contact dev-os@solsch.org.uk

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